Friday 30 May 2014

Московская Тату Конвенция 2014 / Moscow Tattoo Convention Pt. 1

На фото тату мастера Александр Кукинов (MAD FISH TATTOO, Москва) и Дмитрий Бухров (Москва)
Тату машинки Влад Блад
Спасибо организаторам Московской Тату Конвенции 2014 тату студии Ангел и лично Марине Кожевиной за прекрасную возможность не только побывать на конвенции, но и быть официальным информационным партнером - но об этом и других впечатлениях уже в другом посте. Впереди еще много фото с конкурсов, награждение победителей!
Официальный сайт конвенции

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Interview with photographer Sotarn Otf / Tattoo portraits from Sweden

Name : Sotarn Otf
Location : Stockholm, Sweden
instagram: @sotarnotf

L.J.: Please tell us a bit about yourself
I am Sotarn (meaning "The Chimney Sweeper" in english) 30 year old portrait/fashion photographer located in Stockholm, Sweden. Educated in Kulturama photography school in the same city.

L.J.: Do you consider photography as job or a hobby? Are you agree that best job is paid hobby?
Photography is my job.. Also playing some records in clubs all over the city/country. Done a bit of acting and just until now i´ve been working in a kindergarden on the side aswell.. 
I am really happy that i can earn money from my hobby yes and i´ve been strugglin hard to be able to to what i like the best.

L.J.: You have many portraits of tattoo artists, how'd you meet them?
I´ve been getting tattooed the last 11 years so i have gotten to know alot of tattooers and tattooed people both in studios and on conventions.. Been taking portraits on several different conventions aswell. But i mean the tattoo industry is quite big in Sweden in general so..

L.J.: How many tattoos do you have and by whom?
Not an expert in maths but i think i´ve been tattooed by like 30 different tattooers from allover the world.. (Deno, Chad Koeplinger, Jason Anderson, Seth Wood, Jimmy Duvall, Marius Meyer, Peter Lagergren, Jenny Boström, Johan Big Fat Joe Ankarfyr, Jonas Uggli, El Monga, Oliver Peck to mention some..) I often exchange portraits for tattoos..
(on photo)

L.J.: People on your photos look relaxed, do you have any advice for people who get nervous in front of the camera?
Well,  when i take a portrait i think it´s important that people feel themselves and that i can get them to relax.. As a photographer you have to be able to read different situations all the time. People are very different. Some of them i just have to place against a wall and just boom boom, finish in two seconds, others you have to guide much more and tell them what to do.. Don´t know if that was any help haha.

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Saturday 5 April 2014

Bell tattoos

Foerdl ViennaElectric, Austria

Ryan Cooper Thompson, Kansas, USA

Philip Yarnell, UK

Thursday 27 February 2014

Interview with tattoo artist Sir Lexi Rex

Name : Sir Lexi Rex
Location : Olympia, WA, USA
Who : owner of at Lo and Behold Tattoo
First of all, please name tattoo shop where you work, and it's location. Or you're travelling artist?
Sir Lexi Rex : I own and work at Lo and behold Tattoo in Olympia washington, usa. I'm also a guest artist in Holland for some time each summer. I hope to do more guest spots in the future. I'm keen on visiting Norway and Sweden. I really like the tattoos I see coming out of that area.

How long are you into tattooing?
Sir Lexi Rex : I've been tattooing since 1995 but I didn't start taking it seriously until 2005. I grew up around bikers which introduced me to tattoos. Though it was mostly skulls and motorcycle themed stuff, to me as a kid I thought it was really bad ass.

Who was your first customer? 
Sir Lexi Rex : When I was 14 I constructed a jailhouse tattoo machine with a motor from a cd player, a bent spoon, a case from a marker and a guitar string. I think this was my freshmen year of high school. My peers all knew I was into art so when they heard I had made a tattoo machine they were all lining up for me to practice on them.
  I cant really remember my first paying customer but my first tattoo I made was a fix-up/cover-up of a skull with a name above it on my friends chest. I covered up the name with a black top hat and refreshed the skull. I still have that home made machine in a box somewhere.

Few years ago was a big scandal about tv show Tattoo school. Have you watched all that (La, Miami) Ink shows and whats your opinion about them?

Sir Lexi Rex : I have to admit that I don't watch television and have never really seen any of these tattoo shows.. I have mixed opinions of the "idea" of the Tattoo school show. Being that television has become such a powerful social tool for education as much as disinformation. 

On one hand it aids in making tattooing become more widely socially acceptable thus increasing a customer base for tattooers.
 But on the other, it spreads the idea that one could just take a two week course to become a tattoo artist and that a license or a certificate is enough to go out in the world and start marking people. In other words. It portrays the art and craft of tattooing to be something requires minimal time and effort to be a successful tattoo artist. In fact the reality is the opposite. 
I did see some clips from La ink and Miami ink and honestly I think it's just like any other tv show carefully crafted with the latest sensational topics to keep your attention and lull you into a state of mindlessness whilst suggesting ideas and opinions of an obedient consumerist society for you to unknowingly adopt and share as your own original thoughts.
In short, I'm not really keen on tattoo shows or TV in general. 

Whats your favorite tools for sketching?
Sir Lexi Rex : I really enjoy sketching with red pencils on 7lb. tracing paper. I work out drafts with different colors for efficiency and make my final drafts in black. 

Thank you so much for an interview! And sorry that haven't posted for soooo long
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