Wednesday 30 April 2014

Interview with photographer Sotarn Otf / Tattoo portraits from Sweden

Name : Sotarn Otf
Location : Stockholm, Sweden
instagram: @sotarnotf

L.J.: Please tell us a bit about yourself
I am Sotarn (meaning "The Chimney Sweeper" in english) 30 year old portrait/fashion photographer located in Stockholm, Sweden. Educated in Kulturama photography school in the same city.

L.J.: Do you consider photography as job or a hobby? Are you agree that best job is paid hobby?
Photography is my job.. Also playing some records in clubs all over the city/country. Done a bit of acting and just until now i´ve been working in a kindergarden on the side aswell.. 
I am really happy that i can earn money from my hobby yes and i´ve been strugglin hard to be able to to what i like the best.

L.J.: You have many portraits of tattoo artists, how'd you meet them?
I´ve been getting tattooed the last 11 years so i have gotten to know alot of tattooers and tattooed people both in studios and on conventions.. Been taking portraits on several different conventions aswell. But i mean the tattoo industry is quite big in Sweden in general so..

L.J.: How many tattoos do you have and by whom?
Not an expert in maths but i think i´ve been tattooed by like 30 different tattooers from allover the world.. (Deno, Chad Koeplinger, Jason Anderson, Seth Wood, Jimmy Duvall, Marius Meyer, Peter Lagergren, Jenny Boström, Johan Big Fat Joe Ankarfyr, Jonas Uggli, El Monga, Oliver Peck to mention some..) I often exchange portraits for tattoos..
(on photo)

L.J.: People on your photos look relaxed, do you have any advice for people who get nervous in front of the camera?
Well,  when i take a portrait i think it´s important that people feel themselves and that i can get them to relax.. As a photographer you have to be able to read different situations all the time. People are very different. Some of them i just have to place against a wall and just boom boom, finish in two seconds, others you have to guide much more and tell them what to do.. Don´t know if that was any help haha.

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