Monday 26 August 2013

Interview with tattoo artist Joao Bosco (UK)

Little pre-story : We've met about 5 years ago on myspace (when myspace was cool, you know), sometimes talk on facebook, then in 2012 ago I have luck to meet Joao in personal at the Moscow Tattoo Convention. I can tell you - he's not only great artist but also a true gentleman and great person. If you have any chance to get some work by Joao or just say hi - do it! By the way that's not that hard, he's travelling a lot (find more info

Summing up : thanx to social networks we can find friends and soulmates from another country!

Name : Joao Bosco
Location : London, UK
Who : Brazilian born tattoo artist based in London since 2006, works at The Family Business Tattoo London
Links :

Lisa Jenson : How long you've been tattooing?
Joao Bosco : I'vee been tattoing for 9 years.

L. J. : Who help/teach you with your first steps in tattooing?

Joao Bosco : I never thought of been a tattoo artist neither to have a living out of it . Until others tattoo artists see my drawings and sketches and say :" hey man, you got good stuff here, give it a go and do soem tattoos " , they got me curious , so i lined up some friends, got hold of some tattoo gear and started to learn and practice on them.

L. J. : We've met on myspace, 5 years ago it was really good place to promote yourself and find friends, nowdays everyone using instagram and facebook. Do you think social networks are really important for tattoo artists?
Joao Bosco : social network is the most amazing tool ever, but also can be a trap. its a free advertisement , youc an show all you have been doing for zero cost . but at the same time , it can get one lazy , till the point that makes you take it for granted all that facility of self promotion , so you think that you dont need an extra push as things will flow smoothly and easy and people will chase you . not like that anymore, theres hundred of thounds of new artists coming to the scene every week, you gotta keep on push like on the same days, like before social network , if you want to reach the top. thats what say to people and that is what i say to myself everyday .
L. J. : What needles and ink you use
Joao Bosco : I use several different kind of inks, i dont have a particular brand that i stick up with . about needles i use a small set of big magnums and chunky liners. 15,19 and 25 mag. and 9-14 and 18 liners. I try to keep a small and simple set.

Thank you for the interview
Art speaks itself, check & follow Joao Bosco &

Thursday 8 August 2013

Wedding photographer Mike Allebach : about tattooed brides and cameras

Name : Mike Allebach
Location : Norristown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Who : "The original tattooed bride photographer" (Rock n Roll Bride), Author of Philadelphia's Tattoos Stories, Photographer at Allebach Photography, Foremost Expert on Tattooed Weddings
Links :,

Lisa Jenson : Please tell us about how you become photographer? (Did you go to school to study photography?)
Mike Allebach : I was a graphic artist first.  Photography was something of a hobby and I enjoyed it but never thought of it as a profession.  While in a punk band, I would photograph other bands at local shows for fun.  People just started asking if I would like to photograph their wedding.  That's how it got started.  Wedding photography choose me.

L.J. : Do you think there's some pressure on people with tattoos for getting a "good" job?
Mike Allebach : There is the myth that says you can't get a good job if you have tattoos.  That just is not true.  Plenty of doctors, professors and military have tattoos.  In the art world it is almost a given to have tattoos.  Mostly that is a line that parents use to scare children.  I'm not saying it would be easy to get some jobs with facial tattoos but our society has begun to accept tattoo culture.

L.J. : What's the main differences between professional photographer and just a dude with camera?
Mike Allebach : The professional is seperated by non-photography skills. Business, marketing and people skills are essential to make it in the photography world.   If you don't love people and working with them, you have no chance as a wedding photographer.  Wedding photography is a people business.  Anyone can take photos with their phone now.  The professional has to juggle personalities, making people feel comfortable, marketing their business, booking new clients and making a profit.

 L.J. : Could you please give some advice on wedding preparation. Maybe "do" and "don't"s in makeup for brides (to look good on photos)?
Mike Allebach : One of the coolest trends in tattooed bride weddings is lace dresses and lace half sleeves.  I can think of nothing cooler than a bride with a full sleeve tattoo in a half sleeve lace wedding dress.  As for makeup, test out any tattoo concealer if you are using one (I prefer brides show off all their tattoos).  There is a drastic difference between the kits and skin matching can be tough.   Also be careful with mineral makeup, sometimes if your photographer is using flash it will react with the metal in mineral makeup and appear slightly lighter. 

L.J. : What camera you use?
Mike Allebach : I use all nikon gear, Nikon D600, Nikon D700 and Nikon D3. My favorite lens is my Nikon 85mm 1.4g. 

L.J. : How many weddings have you shoot last year?
Mike Allebach : In 2013 I have 32 weddings. 

Thanx for the interview!


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