Sunday 15 April 2012

Interview with Kim-Anh Nguyen-Dinh

Interview with one of my favorite artists - Kim-Anh Nguyen. She's young, talented and beautiful :)

How did you get into tattooing?
Kim-Anh Nguyen : I’ve always been passionate about drawing, since a really young age… then, by my teen years, got in the pUnK scene, etc. and naturally discovered the tattoo world.
At first I was just happy and fascinated to collect them on my skin, without ever thinking about holding a tattoo machine ever. I used to get my tattoos on those street shops where the tattooer doesn’t draw… he used to tell me “bring me a drawing you like and I’ll ink it!” So I started drawing my tattoos myself… Guess it was some kind of first experience with tattoo sketches! Lol
How old were you when you got your first tattoo? And what is it?
Kim-Anh Nguyen : 15! (Please, DO NOT do it yourself!
It was (unfortunately, still is) some kind of japanese landscape with a lotus flower, bamboo branches, swallows and a star with an Oi! inscription on it… haha, so funny! :) Keep in mind that I was very young!
Well, I’m planning to laser it someday soon to start a “real” back piece.

You have many beautiful paintings of owls, is it your favorite design?
Kim-Anh Nguyen : Thank you grin I had a big and obsessive owl phase some years ago… it stared around 4 years ago.
It used to be my favorite design, sure… I have several owl tattoos myself.
But then, as anything that becomes a fad, it started to fed me up a little bit and so I tried to start drawing other stuff too.
I still like cute stuff, thus said… but I’m also into more traditional asian stuff or less girlie old school tattoos. 
Who is your favorite tattoo artist? And by whom you would like to get tattooed?
Kim-Anh Nguyen : I have to pick just one?? Impossible…)some people I really like are Uncle Allan, Jurgen Eckel, El Bara, Ashley Love, Marco Serio, Tutti Serra, Judd Ripley, Claudia DeSabe and Paul Dobleman among others.
I’ve been SO lucky to get tattoos from almost all of them… and I’m planning to get tattooed by Claudia and Paul Dobleman, hopefully someday soon!
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