Wednesday 9 March 2011

INK IT UP : Emily "Mummys Little Monster" Thomas


First of all, I want to thank Emily for answers :)

Emily Thomas is illustrator from Toronto, Ontario; well-known as "Mummys Little Monster"
She specialize in pin-up and semi-traditional tattoo designs. Enjoy rock n' roll, horror, sci-fi, vintage toys, comics and most art relating to any of these things. 

 Psycho_kitten_by_mummyslittlem N684165547_4316957_4008

Where do you study art? - I did spend a brief time in Art school, I went to a private school in Toronto that specializes in Animation, but I didn’t stay to finish my courses. I went for about three years as a part time student, I had to work full time to keep a roof over my head and its was nearly impossible at times to balance working full time and going to school. I pretty much dropped out after I took most of the fine arts classes. I’m a firm believer that you can learn techniques but going to Art school won’t necessarily make you an artist!

I found my passion for painting with watercolours during this time and knew that I didn’t really want any more training, all I wanted to do was paint. I was never inspired by any of my required assignments, and it always felt like a battle trying to hand in assignments with more adult themes than most of the other students. While everyone else seemed to be drawing cute little cartoons I was busy drawing boobs and zombies. I think the teachers didn’t really have any respect for pin up and rock and roll themed deigns. I just woke up one day and knew I wasn’t going back. I think that’s when I really started to find my own style, and my work started to have a life of its own.

How you can describe your art style? - I always have a hard time trying to categorize and describe my paintings. A lot of it revolves around elements found in traditional tattoos, but with my own twist. I remember when I first started painting my tattooed pinups there was only a handful of other female artists that I was aware of at the time doing anything even remotely similar, but over the past few years I have started seeing this explosion of artists who are creating within the same idea space. I’ll never be quite sure if it was maybe myself who had inspired them or maybe just a lot people getting into similar things at the same time. But it can be a challenge staying fresh in a sometimes saturated market. Some people may describe what I do as Lowbrow, but even at times that isn’t an accurate description. The only facts I know for sure is I love to draw curvy chicks with lots of tattoos, and the brighter the colors the better. I like to have fun with my art and I think my favourite designs to work on are customized pin ups. I’m never one to get an exact likeness, but more of a character, making sure that I capture the individual personalities and tastes of my clients. 

Where you find inspiration? - I have many inspirations and I like to touch on a wide variety of subjects. Some of the common themes in my work are pinups, tattoos, hotrods and monsters. I would say I’m definitely heavily influenced by the psychobilly subculture actually most subcultures in general. I’ve always liked being a part of something a little on the underground side. The unique fashions and music always have so much to offer. I don’t think I could ever be happy living in the main stream. I like think of my inspirations as a rare vinyl record, there is the A side and B side, and I feel like everything I do and love is from the B side. 

Over the years the list of artists that inspire me has changed and grown so much I don’t even think I could keep track, but I do have a lot of respect for certain artists that I have continued to enjoy and admire over a long period of time. Here are just a few artists that I will always love and look up to, I’ll start off with two friends of mine Leighderhosen, and Ick, I’ve become good pals with the two of them and they are always there for me when I need advice and inspiration! Some other artists that I love are Sara Ray, Ed Roth, Sol Rac, Ben Von Strawn, 1311, Big Toe, Johnny Crap, Queen Pin Deluxe, The Pizz, Vince Ray, Sailor Jerry and all old school dudes, and finally Coop, I will never a day in my life get tired of his big curvy devil chicks and naughty nuns! Well folks I’ll have to cut it off here because this list could go on for days!

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